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Our Valued Affiliates


Kjeld Friis Munkholm: Danish

Marketing Associate – China & Europe

Mobile: +86 139 1695 4596


After living and working in China for more than 20 consecutive years, at locations such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing and Suzhou, Kjeld speaks Chinese and has established a huge professional worldwide network, in various industries.

Kjeld regards himself as a generalist, with broad knowledge in various fields, among them, Business Development, Chain Management, Greenfield Projects, Sales, Supply and General Management. The fast paced, agile and vibrant business environment in China, suits him well.

Beside his extensive experience and connections in Europe, Kjeld has a broad knowledge of supplier base in Guangdong and Shanghai area, related to various industries, where his in-depth knowledge of China and it’s peoples has proven to be invaluable.

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