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• Is extremely flexible with regard to design and architectural flair.

• Builds extremely fast - and is cost competitive.

• Uses less labour and substitutes skilled labour with unskilled and semi-skilled labour.

• Produces precise constructions — with minimal on-site waste.

• Is stronger—suitable for cyclonic areas

• Construction noise is at an absolute minimum compared with conventional building sites.

• Allows a large choice of material usage.

• Produces fire safe structures—suitable for wooded areas.

• Contributes to a very safe work environment — large proportion of work completed in controlled factory conditions

• Has a high recyclable content and relatively low embodied energy.

• Negates the need for excessive site - and retentive works, protects and maintains the natural environment.


• The prefabricated footing system, which itself provides greater bearing and pulling capacities than conventional

footings, can be placed on virgin ground right beside trees and fixed in place without damaging any vegetation.

• Since the consequent building system is a Mechano-assembly only, the completed structures will not damage the

existing vegetation. The existing Flora and Fauna can remain in place regardless of the building activities thus

enriching the overall development.

UMBS is unique because it:

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