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JinJiang Refurbishment and Extension

JinJiang Hotel is the first 5 star hotel to be constructed in Western China. It was built in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The brief was to refurbish the exterior without changing its characteristic appearance and to add a new VIP-wing. In addition to create a Master Plan for further development including accommodation for Hotel Staff.

It was proposed to change the ground floor and entrance Red-Granit exterior with a “lighter” grey coloured one and to demolish the clumsy later addition entrance canopy and replace it with a completely contrasting stainless steel and glass canopy which does not try to take from nor to emulate the old hotel’s architecture. Further it is proposed to demolish the surrounding structures, to place a station for the new “Metro Subway” where these structures sat, and to create a new urban “Plaza” in front of the hotel.



The Subway station is now in place and the surrounding structures have been demolished. The VIP wing has also been constructed but its exterior is changed to “blend in” with the old hotel’s architecture. The red granite is still on the ground floor’s exterior and the clumsy entrance canopy is still there. The “Plaza” is still to be made.

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