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• This is a very attractive and versatile system — with regard to design and flair

• The end product is cost-efficient because the low number of modular components allows the use of unskilled

workers and trained supervisors, resulting in high quality extremely accurate buildings.

• The system is modular - with various module sizes from 6.5m2 to 51.84m2 creating economical delivery by way of flat packed

components allowing for greater volumes per transport vehicle

• Modules can be arranged or stacked in any combination, thus providing great flexibility in design.

• Builds extremely fast - Precise dimensions and pre- manufacturing permit quick and easy assembly of all components thereby

contributing to easier management and supervision contributing to a safer work environment.

• All work is “dry” and construction noise is kept to an absolute minimum when compared with conventional building sites.

• Labour requirement is reduced when compared with current conventional building methods.

• Choice of materials for floors, walls, roofs and fittings are virtually unlimited depending on customers requirements. However

modular panels such as CSR Hebel Floor Panel 1800 x 600 x 75 and Hebel-Power panel (3000 x 600 x 75) fit the system to a tee with

absolute minimal material wastages.

• The UMB-System is environmentally friendly, with relatively low embodied energy, a large recyclable content, and high energy

efficiency (reaching a 7 to 8 star rating in Queensland). The sloping roofs can pitched at various degrees to maximize t h e

solar effect for PV panels.

Cost effective building requires care and attention throughout the entire planning and construction process. The economy of all

phases is an essential element of construction today, not to be confused with cheap building.”

Reference book for architects and planners: ‘Cost-Effective Building”

UMBS: Summary of Benefits

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