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Go-Evolve invited to meet with Chinese Delegation

Trade and investment Queensland (TIQ) hosted the following visitors from China who were in Brisbane to participate in the Myriad. Magnus Bjornsson and Lester Drew - Directors of Go-Evolve Pty Ltd were invited to meet with these visitors on Tuesday 15 May at 1 William Street, Brisbane to discuss UMBS (Universal Modular Building System). They have lodged in China and received a world wide Patent for this steel frame construction system the is similar in concept to ‘IKEA’ with components being manufactured in a controlled factory environment – then delivered ‘flat packed’ to be assembled quickly – even in remote locations where unskilled workers can be gainfully employed providing they are working under skilled supervision.

The Queensland Government has direct links with and are held in high regard by the Chinese Government and Groups similar to the two listed below that have just visited Queensland.

Karen Ding the General Manager of Zizhu High Tech Park which is one of the largest science and technology national industrial Park which based in Shanghai. They are one of the cooperate organization for CPP program in China. They focus on support and help for start-ups to develop their business and explore potential opportunities for the start-ups as well as to cooperate with large-scale enterprises such as Intel, AVIC, etc. to build up joint programs and business to help on start-ups’ business.

Raffle Chan the Deputy Director of International Business Development is tasked to expand the coverage of the contest and want to bring it to Australia as well as to take the opportunity to find a suitable partner in Australia.

WTOIP performs transnational technology transfers and scouts for outstanding technological innovations. They offer full IP protection of a project prior to China market exposure, as well they establish connections with potential investors, producers or distributors selectively picked from their vast local network of partners.

In attendance for the meeting were the following people; (Photograph)

In attendance for the meeting were the following people; (Photograph)

Department of Environment and Science -Maggie Gong

Science Capability, Engagement & Collaboration

Science Division - MANAGER

Trade Investment Queensland

Department of Environment and Science

Maggie Gong

Science Capability, Engagement & Collaboration

Science Division - MANAGER

Amanda Chen

Principal Trade & Investment Officer

International Markets

Rita Skipp

Senior Trade & Investment Officer

International Operations

Trade Investment Queensland

Ellen Xu

Business Development Officer

Trade & Investment Queensland China Office

WTOIP (World Internet Conference)

Boao Zongheng Network Technology Co Ltd

Raffle Chan

Deputy Director of International Business Development

Shanghai Zizhu Entrepreneurial Incubator Co. Ltd

Karen Ding

General Manager

Ocean Organics Australia

Ross Meaclem (Dip Agriculture)

Managing Director

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