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Go-Evolve Prefabricated Modular Construction will offer employment to Indigenous workers

Go-Evolve Pty Ltd presents the UMBS Universal Modular Building System that incorporates a sustainable system design and affordable housing options which can also create Indigenous employment opportunities. We agree with the Commonwealth Government who believe Indigenous Australians deserve a better future, with more job opportunities, empowered communities and higher standards of living. UMBS although suited to the construction of quality architectural style city homes is particularly versatile and can be constructed in remote locations with unskilled labour working under skilled supervision. The UMBS construction system can accommodate an infinite variety of floor plans using main frames 13m2 to 54.84m2 in area with any or all of three auxiliary add-on frames (Outriggers). These steel module - components are pre-fabricated and can be welded in the factory or transported as a flat pack then slotted and bolted together on site. (Similar in concept to the IKEA principle) Modules can be arranged or stacked in any combination, thus providing great flexibility in design. On - site labour is reduced when compared with current conventional building methods. UMBS builds extremely fast - precise dimensions and pre- manufacturing permit quick and easy assembly of all components thereby contributing to easier management and supervision while contributing to a safer work environment. The prefabricated footing system can be placed on virgin ground right beside trees and fixed in place without damaging any vegetation, the existing Flora and Fauna enriching the overall development while having a lighter footprint on the land. Go-Evolve Pty Ltd would like to offer our design service along with a 'Licence' to permit Building companies the opportunity to construct remote housing utilising UMBS. Preference will be given to those companies displaying a track record of support for Indigenous employment.

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